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Become a game dev pro.
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You can do the same.

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What people are saying

game dev rockey dani testimonial
Dani @DaniDevYT
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
You're like the guy I was watching when learning Unity haha! I'm still using layermasks for ground detection like you taught in a tutorial way back!
game dev rokcet kal testimonial
Kal O'Brien @kalobrien
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
Blackthornprods dedication to gamedev is unmatched especially when it comes to sharing that insight with others. As someone whose watched and followed their content from their earliest days, you cant go wrong with putting your trust in them to further your own development with game dev
game dev rocket tarodev testimonial
Tarodev @tarodev
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
Your art videos are what pushed me to begin learning to draw. I remember heading out to buy a draw pad after finishing your video on how to draw monsters. It's a skill which has helped me immensely in my game dev journey.
game dev rocket barji testimonial
Barji @BarjiYT
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
I started game dev watching Blackthornprod's tutorials. They have an amazing teaching style and make everything extremely clear to understand. I highly recommend them.
blair harington testimonial
Blair Harington
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
They provide a comprehensive roadmap that covers all aspects of game development, from ideation to launch. With their guidance, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make your dream game a reality.
game dev rocket polymars testimonial
PolyMars @PolyMarsYT
game dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket stargame dev rocket star
Blackthornprod played a huge role in my game dev journey. They are really what made this hole world of programming finally click for me. They are self-taught developers so they understand the struggles and problems that beginners face. I would not be where I am today without them. I always recommend them to people who ask me where they can learn game dev and Unity.
game dev rocket testimonial

You're wasting so much time
(and you don't even know it)

Are you lost amidst the sea of generic tutorials on YouTube, endlessly making the same boring games for the past months or years, and struggling to find the right guidance? And say you did make a half-decent game, are you not tired of seeing it go completely unnoticed, leaving you broke and discouraged?

It's time to break free from the cycle of disappointment and transform your game development journey.

While you dance around the bush, others are building massive success, both creatively and financially because they have followed a clear and highly effective roadmap that takes them straight to where they want to be: earning money making their dream games.

Learn how to navigate this proven roadmap which we have carefully designed to take you from stagnating beginner to game dev rocketeer, and join the ranks of those who are making money doing what they love.

The choice is yours: continue down the path of frustration and missed opportunities or embark on a transformative journey. Start today, master the game dev holy trinity, and unlock the doors to a world where your game development dreams become a reality.
Matteo Testimonial

The holy-trinity to become a game dev pro

Code Icon

Code whatever you can imagine

Learn game programming in c# so that you can bring your imagination to life. Have the freedom and confidence to make anything.

Create irresistible eye-popping games

Master 2D & 3D game art to make stunning creations. Stop labelling yourself as a "bad artist" and learn this fundamental pillar.

Art Icon
Money Icon

Build an audience & market your games

Making fun and beautiful games is not enough. You need to learn how to build a following and market your game to make money.

Blackthornprod Photo

We're Blackthornprod.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in creating games, we understand the arduous path of trial and error, countless days spent on forums, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge through long books and random tutorials online. As the creators of the renowned YouTube channel Blackthornprod, which has garnered a massive following of over 400K subscribers, we have empowered millions of individuals with the skills to create their own games. Furthermore, we take immense pride in successfully selling our own creations on the Steam platform. This course represents the culmination of our dreams - a comprehensive resource we wished we had during our own beginnings. Together, let's unlock your true potential.

Our Expert Instructors

Alexander Loukine
Online Multiplayer Expert
Creator of the hit online multiplayer title Paint Warfare that has over 400K+ downloads
gustavo rosa
3D art & animation specialist
Famous instructor & Blender veteran with over 20 years of experience
Benjamin Anderson
Pixel art pro
Creator of the HeartBeast YouTube channel that has over 210K downloads
narayan walters
Horror game specialist
Creator of the Miziziziz YouTube channel that has over 229K subscribers. Creator of successful horror steam games.

The Game Dev Rocket

The Game Dev Rocket is a 60+ hours program, taught by industry experts, to turn your passion and dream of becoming a money-making game developer into a reality.

Get started!
Create your first game in 2 hours, getting familiar with the Unity game engine's interface and taking your first steps with C# programming.
Follow up by making your own city builder, learn how to create a shop system, implement sound effects, and work with UI.
Make your first game
Make your first game
Create a city builder
Create a city builder
Create 3D games
Create your first 3D game: a fast-paced endless runner. Learn to store high scores, add post-processing to greatly enhance the visuals, and even publish your work on the web so you can share it with the world and begin building an audience.
Build even more momentum and add a stunning top-down shooter to your portfolio. We'll design intelligent AI, study animation, code a powerful enemy spawning system and more!
Build a 3D endless runner
Build a 3D endless runner
Design a top-down shooter
Design a top-down shooter
Take your skills to the next level
Build a haunting side-scrolling adventure, complete with an epic boss battle!
We will learn about parallax, 2D enemy AI and even code a complete melee combat system.
Make a 2D platformer
Make a 2D platformer
Mobile game dev
Tailor to the masses and create your first mobile experience. Capture touch input, create responsive UI, and make an action-packed tower defense game!
Create a mobile game
Create a mobile game
Multiplayer Mastery
Learn to make an online multiplayer FPS game with a live chat system, cosmetics, online leaderboards
Make a multiplayer game
Multiplayer Mastery
Horror Game Mastery
Study the art of horror games while actually building one. Our guest instructor Miziziziz will teach you all about adding atmosphere to your games, jump scares, bone-chilling sound design and much more...
Horror Game Mastery
Multiplayer game dev
(coming soon)
Take your skills to a whole other level by making online experiences.
Connect to live online servers, match players together, and synchronize player movement, animations and enemies.
Make a multiplayer game
Make a multiplayer game
Sell your first game
This is where dreams become a reality, and your hard work finally pays off. You will create an impressive survival FPS - and sell your creation on the largest online game store: Steam.
game dev rocket final steam section
Sell your first game on Steam

Build an audience & make money

Learn how to monetize your game's development with the power of an audience. We will share with you our secrets to creating epic content, how to master the YouTube algorithm and gather thousands of views, how to secure sponsorships with top brands, how to build an email list to market your game and so much more!
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Become a artist. game artist

Take things even further with 30+ hours of game dev art content. From learning the "Blackthornprod art style" and pixel art to mastering modeling, rigging, and animation in Blender. These classes will give you all the tools to make your games look stunning.
Master game art & animation
2D game art fundamentals
  • Make beautiful prototypes
  • Draw stunning 2D game art
  • Make your worlds pop with game juice
  • Full character design sessions
Blender Master Class
Blender modeling & Animation
Masterclass - By Gustavo
  • Understand the Blender interface
  • Master 3D modeling tools
  • Apply textures
  • Rigging
  • Animate objects
Pixel Art For Games
Pixel art for games
Masterclass - By HeartBeast
  • Make beautiful pixel-art for games
  • Use shapes, values, and edges to create forms
  • Create a palette using color theory
  • Animate pixel-art

Thin Matrix

Build a following by creating devlogs

Thin Matrix will go over how to create engaging devlogs and build a social media following to gather whishlists and sale your game.

Thomas Brush

How to make money while creating your game

Thomas Brush will share you his secrets to secure a nice steady income, even before you game is ever released. Crowdfunding, publishers, email will learn it all.


The importance of prototyping and game jams

Tarodev will share his knowledge on the topic of prototyping and game jams. How to come up with interesting game ideas? How to make fast and fun prototypes? When to scrap the idea and when to percevere?

Code Monkey

Case Study: How Code Monkey Became a full time game dev

Code Monkey will share his story on how he became a successful game developer, bringing in passive income with his 8 titles sold on Steam.


Case Study: How his first game was a massive success!

Spider Heck's creator chats with us about how his very first game became a commercial success. We also dive into the topic of multiplayer and local multiplayer game development.


The struggles & solutions to solo game development

Patch Quest's creator chats with us about how he made his game completely on hiw own for over 5 years. We go over the struggles of being a solo indie-dev as well as how to overcome them.


The game design process

This incredibly talented game designer brings us through his complete game design process. How to come up with unlimited fun and original game ideas, what are the best game design exercices, how to overcome creative block, and so much more...

Jason Weimann

Working in AAA

Game dev veteran, Jason Weimann, will share his experience working in AAA. How to secure a job at a big game company, what the rectuters are looking for, the differences between AAA and indie game dev, and so much more...

Access the Game Dev Rocket Podcast

We have invited talented game developers from around the world to share their expertise with our students.

  • 7 podcast episodes
  • New podcast episode each month
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Access an amazing community of game developers from around the world with our VIP discord server.

  • Message support from other students
  • Discuss, share and network with other students

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Game Dev Rocket
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Game Art
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multiplayer mastery
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